… myself

I was born in Munich in 1968, where I studied engineering and philosophy.

I am holding numerous international patents on internal combustion engines, electro motors and reverse vending sytems. In 1992, my work on lighweight diesel engines for aircraft received a research award. Since 1995, the Zoche aero-diesel is on permanent display in the Deutsche Museum.

In 2001, I cofounded the grassroots movement The United Transnational Republics which is striving for a more participatory globalisation and has been joined by more than 6.000 citizens from over 100 nation states.

In 2006, I was invited by the UNESCO to present at the International Forum on the Social Science and to contribute to the Buenos Aires Declaration. In 2007, I was a speaker at the UNESCO Monterrey Forum, where I co-authored the Monterrey Manifesto and was selected as winner in the Global Governance Essays Contest.

In 2008, I was delivering the opening keynote at the Impulso XXI International Mechanical Engineering Congress in Monterrey.

Clash of Currencies is my second book publication (in 2011) following my German title WELT MACHT GELD (in 2009).

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