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Clash of Currencies is a handbook on monetary power, written in a clear language.

Based on protocols of the Federal Reserve meetings, the book is using the financial crisis of 2008 as a showcase to reveal the mechanisms of the bubble trick, explaining where the money went and uncovering the interrelations of monetary power, war and crisis.

On the basis of documents of the Third Reich, the writings of Sir John Maynard Keynes, the diary of Henry Morgenthau, diplomatic cables, Federal Reserve files and many other documents, the book is showing how the US dollar was modelled after the Nazi-Reichsmark and implemented as world key currency through what might be called one of the biggest frauds of the last century.

Today – with a change of the current global monetary order becoming foreseeable –, the British proposal of a supranational currency that was put forward in 1942 by Sir John Maynard Keynes has attracted the renewed attention not only of UN experts, the IMF as well as the BRIC-nations. The book explains, in which ways Keynes’ visionary proposal is more up to date than ever before.

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